American Addiction Centers Reviews

American Addiction Centers reviews

Welcome to a website dedicated to American Addiction Centers reviewing different facets of addiction in America. The blog will be regularly updated to cover different topics in the realm of addiction. Today, American Addiction Centers reviews the top addictions in America.

#1. – Tobacco – Coming in as the top addiction in America is tobacco. Nicotine is estimated to be an addictive substance for more than 40 million Americans. Apart from being an extremely addictive substance, numbers for tobacco rise above the rest because tobacco is legal and easy to obtain. Another problem with tobacco is a lot of the negative side effects don’t develop until after years of use. However, American Addiction Centers reviews show that tobacco addiction leads to more American deaths than any other substance. With warning signs of how addictive cigarettes and other nicotine carrying products can be, people still have a difficult time quitting. Those who are unable to quit on their own should seek the help of professionals.

#2. – Alcohol – Much like tobacco, alcohol addiction is more common because it is a legal substance. A lot of people are dependent upon alcohol for years before it becomes evident to their friends and family. Social acceptance of drinking can make it hard to tell when a person has developed a dependence on alcohol. Not only does overindulgence of alcohol lead to health risks, specifically liver disease, it can also lead to poor decision making. Drunk driving continues to take thousands of American lives every year. With just under 20 million people impacted by alcohol dependence, it is important that individuals with alcoholism understand there is no shame in addiction and seek out the help they require. Further, they should be aware that alcohol withdrawal can lead to seizures, resulting in death. For those wishing to establish sobriety from alcohol, they need to seek professional help in order to safely withdrawal.

#3. Marijuana – Because marijuana is now legal in most states, it is becoming socially acceptable much like alcohol. While, just how addictive marijuana is remains hotly debated in our country. The potency of the marijuana plant is growing and leading to more than four million people with marijuana dependency. When a person starts to rearrange their plans to partake in marijuana use, they should seek out the help they need to break free from their addiction.

#4. Pain Medication – When a person goes through surgery or suffers some type of pain, they are often prescribed painkillers like codeine or Oxycontin. Because they are prescribed, people often do not look at them as potentially addictive and dangerous substances. However, it has been proven time and time again that a dependency on painkillers can come from minimal usage. Whether a person begins taking more than prescribed or finds themselves taking the medication after the pain resides, it is important that they seek out help immediately.

#5. Cocaine – While cocaine addiction numbers have been decreasing recently, the numbers show that nearly a million Americans still struggle with cocaine addiction. Cocaine is a deadly, life-threatening substance and every time a person uses it, they are risking death. American Addiction Centers reviews their process to ensure anyone who has issues with cocaine can get the help they need quickly. If you or a loved one are struggling with cocaine addiction, it is vital that help is sought out immediately.

#6. Heroin – When it comes to heroin, there are nearly half a million Americans currently struggling with this addiction. American Addiction Centers reviews show that heroin addiction is nearly impossible to overcome without the help of professional therapy and medication, which can be used to help with the pain and cravings associated with heroin withdrawals. As one of the most addictive substances in the world, it is incredibly difficult to overcome. Unlike cocaine, heroin abuse has been growing in the United States. People who use heroin will often share needles, which can lead to the spread of disease in addition to the devastating health risks of heroin use. Every person who uses heroin must seek professional help as soon as possible in order to increase their chances of recovery success.

#7. Benzodiazepines – More people are on anxiolytic medications than ever before. With a rise in mood-regulating medications for everything from anxiety to depression, there has been a rise in addiction to “benzos.” It is very important that people discuss the proper prescription levels with their medical professional. Because these medications alter the brain’s chemical makeup, a lot of people grow addicted without realizing that they are taking more than they should be. The withdrawal impact from medications like Xanax and Klonopin can not only be unpleasant, but also deadly. American Addiction Centers reviews their processes to ensure that everyone going through withdrawal symptoms gets the help and care they need.